We offer a range of Clerical Wear, Vestments and Accessories.

Our focus is on 'Value'. These products are excellent quality at prices you can afford.

Clerical Wear includes Priests and Servers Albs, Servers Cassocks, Priests and Servers Cottas, Surplices, together with Preaching Gowns, Choir & various Robes & Gowns.

Vestments include Chasubles, Dalmatics, Copes, Humeral Veils, Scapulars, Priests and Deacons Stoles

Miscellaneous Accessories and Sundries include Shirt Collars and Studs, Girdles, Readers Collarettes, Stoles, & Sashes, Birettas and Mitres and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Collarettes, Stoles & Sashes,

Whilst certain garments may well be supplied from stock please treat as the norm an expectation of two to four weeks delivery. Supplying to order rather than from stock enables us to keep our prices keen.

We are able to match or compliment fabrics, colours and symbols across the range of Clerical Wear and Vestments together with Altar Wear/Linens and vice versa.



Clerical Wear

A wide range of Clerical Wear.


Cassocks, Cottas & Surplices

Gowns/Robes - Preaching, Choir etc.

Ecclesia Men's Clerical Shirts

Reliant Men's Shirts (including Tonsure)

Reliant Ladies Clerical Shirts

Shirt Collars - Tunnel, Tonsure, Vicar, Collar Studs etc - CLICK HERE for details under 'Garment Accessories'




Vestments are available to cover every season and every occasion.





Copes & Humeral Veils

Garment Accessories

Shirt Collars and Studs


Readers Collarettes, Stoles, & Sashes,

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Collarettes, Stoles & Sashes,

Birettas and Mitres

Miscellaneous Accessories and Sundries