Altar Cloth - Plain PolyCotton

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This PLAIN Altar Cloth is made to order in a superb quality PolyCotton.

This Altar Cloth is priced according to the size bands listed.

To Order please indicate which size band you require and proceed to checkout. Delivery is within 30 days.

Once that process has been completed please send the exact measurements required within that band giving your Name and any reference to and we will confirm receipt of the exact measurements of the finished Altar Cloth and manufacture accordingly.

Example: You may require a runner for your Altar 95cm (corresponding to the width of the altar) x 3.8 metres (corresponding to the 2 metre length of the Altar plus the extra length to cover a drop of 90cm either side of the Altar. In this case please order 1.5 x 4 metres but Email the exact measurements of 95cm x 3.8 metres for the finished Altar Cloth.


For CONVERSIONS (centimetres to inchesPLEASE CLICK on the Link CONVERSION TABLE - centimetres to inches

Altar Cloths are priced & ordered in size bands and made to order with required measurements Emailed in separately.

SIZE BAND here is 1.5 x 1.5 metres


Additional product information

Size 1.5 x 1.5 metres

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