In order to decide the Stand best suited to your needs



A. THE CHOICE of a Candle or Light​​

There are essentially two types of candle/light which light up when activated.​​

The CANDLE has a traditional Candle look, is white and tall and thin. ​​{Measures 18mm Diam x 293mm Ht (0.7ins x 11.5ins)}

The LIGHT is of a cylindrical shape and is available in Red, White, or Blue.​​ {Measures 62mm Diam x 124mm Ht (2.5ins x 4.85ins)}



B. THE CHOICE of the method by which the Candle or Light is activated.​​

The Candle and Light stands are activated by either of three distinct methods.​​

1. ELECTRIC with PLACEMENT where the Candle or Light is placed with a choice of designated slots on the ​stand and the low voltage contact completes the circuit and it lights up. The candles or lights are selected from the shelf under the Console.

The​ parishioner/attendee places the money in the money box, as a separate act, as​ they would when lighting a wax candle/light on a traditional stand.​​


Throughout the range of Electric & Electronic Candle and Light Stands the Hammered, Bronze Finished Console has a matching leg incorporating an integral armoured Money Box.

However, in the ELECTRIC with PLACEMENT range there is an extra option for the CANDLE stand

to have a heavy duty scrolled Wrought Iron Leg and the Console itself incorporates the Money Box


2. ELECTRIC with SWITCHES. The Candles/Lights are permanently in place on the stand​​.

The parishioner/attendee places the money in the ​money box, as a separate act, as they would when lighting a wax candle/light ​on a traditional stand and select a Candle/Light and activate the switch for​ the Candle/Light to light up.​​



​​3. ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC The Candles/Lights are permanently in place on the stand​​.

Putting a Monetary Offering through the slot on the Money Box breaks a beam as it enters, and a candle /light is lit up.​​ A candle/light is randomly lit up and flashes three times to indicate its selection. The candle/light is automatically extinguished after a pre-set time. The default timing is 1.5 hours but the customer can select any time from 10 minutes to 3 hours which is pre-set at the factory.

When 75% of the candles/lights are lit the candles/lights turn off one at a time in their order of placement to guarantee potential space for new lightings up. ​​

This feature means that each candle has a time limit determined according to how many candles/lights are lit. This allows longer timings when little activity hence attracting parishioners/visitors due to the stand remaining activated with light for longer and yet allowing all new parishioners/visitors the opportunity to light a candle/light.​​

Additional advantages to this model being totally automatic is that no Candles or Lights need to be replaced under the console nor switches to be switched off before the next Mass and as no contact is required by the parishioner/devotee it avoids any risk of Contagion.



C. THE CHOICE of the SIZE of the Stand

We offer production stands accommodating 21, 33, 48 and 60 Candles and 21, 33 and 60 Lights although we can offer custom made stands to your requirement.​​






D. To consider the OPTION where 'Space is Limited'

     for a CONSOLE ONLY (with or without the shelf)


These Consoles are offered with or without the shelf under the Console as illustrated above.

They can either be attached to the wall or placed on a fitted shelf on the wall or table top


PHOTOGRAPHS below of Consoles in RC Church in Co. Cork Ireland