'Hearts & Minds' and Devotional Candles

'Hearts & Minds' and Devotional Candles

The 'HEARTS & MINDS' range of candles are as specific as the feelings of the soul and as diverse as their reflections on the world.

In addition we have a range of Devotional Candles with only a handful illustrated here. These take the form of an image/picture/photo which can assist the focus for devotion.

If you require a candle with a picture of, for example, a Saint please Email us and we will Email you back with a jpg picture of the finished candle.
All of our images tend to be illustrated on the 8cm x 8cm candle so for other size candles the image will be very similar but, evidently because of the different size of the candle, will not be identical.


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Memorial Candle To those...

Our 'Memorial ' range of candles includes appropriate verses, words with pictures and the opportunity to personalise the candle with words alone, a picture of your loved one or a combination of both.

Here the beautiful words of St. John Chrysostom.

Those whom we love and lose
are no longer where
they were before
They are now with us
wherever we go.

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